Hazel Green Academy Life Long Learning Center is available for your organization to use as a retreat facility. We offer day long, overnight, weekend and week long  Rates.

Writers Retreats – The WCAA has held annual Writer’s Retreats since 1993.  The Hazel Green Writers have published three volumes of “Patchwork”, works compiled from people who have attended the writer’s programs. People of all levels of writing abilities are welcomed to participate.

Art Retreats – Art retreats are weekend devoted to learning a craft from a master artist. With studio and classroom space the quiet campus of the academy is conducive to creativity. A number of arts retreats in a variety of disciplines, such as dance, pottery, sculpting and painting will be offered.
Spiritual Retreats – HGA has always been a place that nurtured spirituality. In that tradition there will be gatherings focused on the renewal of our spirit. Counseling and wellness retreats will also be offered.