Field Trips

The Wolfe County Arts Association provides educational field trips for students across the region at the Hazel Green Academy Life Long Learning Center. Our goal is to provide high quality learning experiences for the students and to supplement and enhance the educational priorities of the schools as mandated by the Kentucky Education Reform Act. To date almost 6000 students from Magoffin, Menifee, Morgan, Breathitt, Powell, Lee and Wolfe County have seen a wide variety of Educational performances on stage in the theater at the academy.


2rus1Our field trips address specific educational goals and are provided by professional, experienced and high-quality individuals and organizations from throughout the state. We work with teachers and administrators to determine the types of events that will best serve the needs of our students.


curtnkidsOur “Educational Field Trip Series” places the focus on education rather than entertainment. Teachers are  encouraged to prepare their students so the performance is a learning event that furthers the student’s understanding of the subject. Our staff is knowledgeable in the goals of education reform and will gladly work with you to meet your needs.


We are working with the educators of the region to supplement their curriculum.  They recognize the high caliber of our educational events and realize that we are working with them and for them to better serve and educate our students.



In our region, the most common venue where students from one county see students from another is at a competitive athletic event. They view each other as adversaries. We are working to mend this misconception. At our Field Trips, students from different schools and counties are combined. Many of our activities are small group oriented. This allows students from different schools to see each other as partners rather than as competitors. We have made a significant breakthrough in that schools from different counties are pooling resources and working together. If our area is to successfully compete in the world market, our students need to learn cooperation on the regional level.

The admission price per student ranges from free to $3.00. The cost is less than the students would pay for the same performance in Lexington or Louisville. Since the schools would also have to pay for the student’s transportation to distant locations, our proximity to local schools provides more educational opportunities.